Visit Kazakhstan!

Almaty is a modern and interesting city. Here you can find monuments of architecture of the 19th century and magnificent street art, expensive hotels, and accommodation in cottages which are located not far from the mountains, various restaurants, and bars.

For tourists, it is interesting for its historical monuments, parks, museums, beautiful panoramic views from the Kok-Tobe mountain and nightlife. We offer various individual excursions both in Almaty and outside the city — trips to the mountains, visits to the Charyn canyon, Altyn-Emel nature reserve, mountain lakes Issyk, Kolsai, Kaindy, and big Almaty lake.

Our guides are well prepared and speak Russian and English.

We do not just tell the facts from the guidebooks — we share our impressions of Almaty life.

Cultural Tours

Culture is the social behavior and norms found in human societies. Culture is considered a central concept in anthropology, encompassing the range of phenomena that are transmitted through social learning in human societies.

Some aspects of human behavior, social practices such as culture, expressive forms such as art, music, dance, ritual, and religion, and technologies such as tool usage, cooking, shelter, and clothing are said to be cultural universals, found in all human societies. The concept of material culture covers the physical expressions of culture, such as technology, architecture and art, whereas the immaterial aspects of culture such as principles of social organization (including practices of political organization and social institutions), mythology, philosophy, literature (both written and oral), and science comprise the intangible cultural heritage of a society



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